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Each year we donate a dinner for various fund raising events. They are a lot of fun, a lot of work and a great time for Preston and I to share some quality time together. 

This year we completed out 7th event and thought it would be nice to share some the the photos. If you know of a great event that could use our services please do let us know. 

CBIA -  

St. Anne's - 2012 - 


Naples Wine Fest - Preston with Chicken and Seafood Satay and the Cucumber Whale he carved while preparing to serve. 




The Sunshine Kids Foundation

2013 -  


2015 - The Sunshine Kids Foundation - Making Fresh Rolls 

2016 - The Sunshine Kids Foundation


Misc Epicurean Delights...

Carved Apple
fresh Mango Ice Cream              This Lobster is Mine!!
Trying out hats
Salmon Thai Pesto - w recipe